Aluminum Foil

Blister Foils

Blister foils are aluminum foils used for packaging pharmaceutical products in blister packs.

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Custom sizes available
Pharmaceutical packaging, blister packs
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Blister Foils

What makes blister foils a preferred packaging solution for pharmaceuticals?
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Blister foils provide a barrier to moisture, gases, and light, crucial for preserving medication efficacy.

Can blister foils be recycled?
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Recycling depends on local facilities, as some do not recycle composite materials like blister foils.

How do blister foils protect products?
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They seal the product hermetically, protecting it from contamination and tampering.

Are blister foils customizable for branding purposes?
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Yes, they can be printed on for branding and include necessary product information.

What are the advantages of using blister foils over other packaging materials?
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They offer superior protection, are lightweight, and provide visible evidence if tampering has occurred.

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