Complete Recycling and Waste Management Solutions

Innovating Sustainable Practices for a Greener Tomorrow

Recycling facility with bales of off - grade rolls like KLB Rolls, Kraft Rolls, neatly stacked up and ready for processing, worker using equipment to handle the rolls
Warehouse interior with off - grade rolls and bales, high contrast, glow, cinematicLD Pellets color sorted into binsRecovery team working together to sort various LD pellets in a warehouse
Maximize the Value of your Surplus Paper and Plastic

Marketing of Excess and Secondary Roll Stock

Plus Materials specializes in the efficient management of job lot and off-grade roll stock. With a strong export presence in over 25 countries, we consistently offer competitive pricing for your excess and job-lot materials while maintaining a commitment to sustainability. Our service drop trailer program covers the US and Canada, catering to industries including paper mills, converting plants, box board and corrugators, film and nonwoven manufacturing, laminating and coating units, packaging operations, flexible packaging units, printing facilities, recycling facilities, and label and tag facilities.

Warehouse interior with off - grade rolls and bales, high contrast, glow, cinematic
Streamline Your Waste and Scrap Management with Our Comprehensive Solutions

Recycling and Recovery of Waste and Scrap

We handle the recycling and recovery of all waste and scrap generated by various facilities, ensuring the most efficient and environmentally responsible solutions. Our expertise in handling all grades of polymers and fibers sets us apart, making us the go-to partner for your recycling needs. We serve:

- Manufacturing Facilities
- Converting Plants
- Laminating and Coating Unit
- Packaging Unit
- Flexible Packaging Unit
- Printing Facilities
- Label and Tag Facilities

LD Pellets color sorted into bins
Expert Asset Recovery and Liquidation

Streamlined Recovery and Removal for Maximum Value

Plus Materials leverages its extensive marketing network and industry expertise to provide comprehensive liquidation and asset recovery services. Our solutions cover:

- Full Asset, Equipment, and Material Disposal
- Handling of Transit Damaged Goods
- Salvage Services
- Insurance Claim Product Recovery

Trust in Plus Materials for all your recycling and waste management requirements, and experience the difference of a zero-waste, zero-headache approach.

Recovery team working together to sort various LD pellets in a warehouse
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